Wedding music

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Wedding music

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a person's life. It is one of those rare days that become history; where life long memories are created. The excitement is greater than when playing slots with highest rtp, and nervousness could compare to standing on a roof of a tall building, with no safety harness. 

Everyone remembers a wedding because it is a day when two people promise eachother, and the rest of the world, to commit to eachother for life. The wedding day is about love, life and future. About hope, expectations and dream. 

It is not surprising that a lot of money and effort go into a wedding. We want everything to be perfect. The wedding dress, the rings, the flowers and the cake. It all needs to match and feel just perfect. Few other days in life are planned so meticulously ad the wedding day - if any. 

How to plan the music

When it comes to the music played on a wedding, there is a big span of style. Some couples want to keep it classic while others want to play the tune they relate to their relationship. Perhaps the son they first danced to; or the song that was playing on the radio a lot while they were falling in love. There are a few pop songs that have become like classic wedding songs because they are som perfect for the celebration and each year a new song is added to the list.

When it comes to chosing the music for a wedding there are a few questions so thing about.

  1. What song to play before, during and right after the ceremony
  2. Will someone sing something to the couple during the ceremony?
  3. What style of music do you want at the wedding party?
  4. Will you hire a small orchestra, band or DJ?

There is a lot of inspiration to be found online, as well as playlists. 

Popular wedding songs